Welcome to the Institute of New Media Art and Electronic Literature!

It is considered as researching, teaching, organizing, creating and publishing platform in the field of new media art and e-literature. Both fields are understood in their expanded form; rather than dealing with the completed artworks and texts, the research on this platform is propelled by the question what happens to the art, textuality and literature in the world of new media, smart technologies and (social) networking, how they are formed, preserved and disseminated. The point of departure is the basic relationship between the human, her creativity, the advanced technologies, and their context, including the social and biopolitics. Such a dispositif is regarded in terms of nomadic cockpit (expression coined by Janez Strehovec).

The new media art and e-literature work hand in hand with the criticism, both fields are conceptual to a certain extent so the institute’s platform invites theoreticians, artists and authors capable of out-of-the-box thinking to join it with their projects, networks and ideas.


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