This table relates to Janez Strehovec’s research in recombination, appropriation, reusing, repurposing, and transfer of artistic procedures/tools from contemporary art to networked economy, (post)politics, media, and entertainment industry.

First publication of this investigation has been presented in “Digital art in the artlike culture and networked economy.” Cultura, ISSN 1584-1057, 2016, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 137–152. http://www.ingentaconnect.com/contentone/plg/cultura/2016/00000013/00000002/art00012, doi: 10.3726/b10729_137.



Manifestations in Arts:

Applications in other fields:



beauty of nature, body, and soul;

stylization, beauty in fine arts pieces

aesthetization of politics, comodity, fashion, sport, and youth

dematerialization of art object;

service, process, and app. of art instead of stable artwork

dematerialization of financial services, money, labour, capital, interpersonal relationship

destabilization of expectations,

making of unpredictible

making strange, parallel editing, stain, subversive affirmation, overidentification,juxtapositioning, pastiche, collage, parody, vertigo

culture jamming, situacionist detournement, pranks, activism, hactivism tactical media as cultural practices with political goals; electronic disobedience, bussiness disruption, political spin

muzealization and documentation muzealization of objects, documentation of performances, readings, actions, processes muzealization of fashion and design artifacts, cars, technical innovations
Intenzification Concentrated arangement of attractive, narrative and metaphysical within as short as possible intervals Music videos, elevator pitch in economy and public relations,  roller-coaster rides
Semiotization Play of signifiers in the arts and literature Semiotization of capital, logo gains advantage over material artifacts
Narrative Literary, cinematic, TV, new media shaped narrative Representation of new scientific paradigm in narrative
playing and gaming Performing arts, video and computer games

Games in mathematics, economics, popular culture

Derealization Fictive aesthetic forms in the as-if mode

Derealization of nature, event, history, politics in the theme parks


shocks, allegory, cut-up, juxtaposition, montage, contrast

Special effects in cinema and commercials, business disruptions, cultural innovations as break and shift of paradigm


Remixing, reusing, repurposing available artistic material and texts

Appropriation of existing values in conceptual derivative trading and conceptual cryptomarkets