Book series

Book Series: In-Between


Edited by Maja Murnik, Mojca Puncer, Aleš Vaupotič, and Janez Strehovec the Institute’s book series In-Between aims to open publishing space for new print and e-books in the fields addressed by the Institute’s research and practices. The series encourage critical interventions in discussions relating to new topics of interest. These include the post-internet art, digital literacy, mobile and locative media, ubiquitous computing, the body and digital text, narrative in new media, art of in-between spaces and times, expanded concept of the e-literary. The field of the In-Between is further defined by its close connections with the digital arts and various modes of online digital culture, including the phenomenology of human experience under the new media condition. Besides interdisciplinarity, the series puts emphasis on forming of ideas shaped by very individualized experience. It provides a platform for new innovative ideas crossing the boundaries of established scholarship and non-conventional approaches of (independent) theoreticians researching beyond the mainstream academia.